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Starrett Metrology Systems

Authorized Service Partners

Starrett Metrology Systems Authorized Service Partners listed here can provide a variety of technical services based on their training and competency.  These services can include installation, calibration, preventive maintenance, training, repair and upgrades.  Only Starrett Factory or Authorized Service Providers can offer services that maintain the terms and conditions of the Starrett Metrology Systems Factory Warranty.  (US, Canada, Mexico - for other regions, contact the local Starrett factory.) 

New Technical Service Partners as of January 2018

  1. Bob Kelley  <bobk@robbprecisiontool.com>;  (Western Tool,  WA)  http://robbprecisiontool.com/

  2. Bob Robb <bob@robbprecisiontool.com>; (Western Tool,  WA)  http://robbprecisiontool.com/

  3. Oren Bass  <Oren@basstool.com>;  (TX)  http://www.basstool.com

  4. Brian McDonald brian@precisionmn.com   (MN)  http://precisionmn.com/

  5. Brad Eslinger   brad@precisionmn.com    (MN)  http://precisionmn.com/

  6. Mike Patterson   mikeP@precisionmn.com    (MN)  http://precisionmn.com/

  7. Michael Martone <michael@willrich.com>; (NJ)  https://willrich.com/

  8. James K. Brown C.E.T. <calserv@linearoptics.ca>;  (Canada)  http://linearoptics.ca/

  9. Dave Hartzell  <dave@qmsincusa.com>; IL   http://qmsincusa.com/  

  10. Herschel Smith  <hsmith2@aciquality.com>;  IN  http://www.aciquality.com/

  11. Daniel Smith daniel.smith@aciquality.com IN http://www.aciquality.com/

  12. Tim Slagle  <tslagle@msi-viking.com>;  SC  https://www.msi-viking.com/

  13. James Vannoy <jvannoy@kalimetrics.com>, CA  http://www.kalimetrics.com/

  14. Joe Stanford  <joe@amsgage.com>, CT  http://www.amsgage.com/

  15. Joyce M. Rotger, CQE  <joycemar@visionaltechnology.comhttp://visionaltechnology.com/

  16. Kenzi Nimi Chavez <kchavez@starrett.com>  MX  http://www.starrett.com.mx/

  17. David Eldridge  <david@metoptix.com.au>  AU https://www.metoptix.com.au/

You can see some photos from our Jan 2018 workshop here.

New Technical Service Partners as of July 2018

  1. Tim Bending <Tim.Bending@foxvalleymetrology.com>  MN  http://foxvalleymetrology.com/

  2. Aaron Mayworm <aaron.mayworm@grmetrology.com> MI https://www.grmetrology.com/

  3. Carl Dempich <CDempich@inspec-inc.com>  MI  https://www.inspec-inc.com/

  4. Nate Longman <NLongman@inspec-inc.com> MI  https://www.inspec-inc.com/ 

  5. Alex Pinney  <apinney@ocscal.com>  OH  http://ocscal.com/ 

  6. Mike Martinez <mike@itctool.com>  TX  http://www.itctool.com/

  7. Sergio Cristofoletti  <cristo@starrett.com.br>  BR  https://www.starrett.com.br/

  8. Fabio Camargo  <faocamargo@starrett.com.br>  BR  https://www.starrett.com.br/

Here are some photos from our June 2018 workshop - Day 1.

Here are some photos from our June 2018 workshop - Day 2.

Here are some photos from our June 2018 workshop - Day 3

In 2019 we are offering smaller more focused training workshops at our distributors' facilities.

  1. Kern Smith   <ksmith@triologyinc.comhttp://triologyinc.com/

New Technical Service Partners as of Feb. 2019 from our distributor MSI-Vikinig

  1. Clarke Mann  <cmann@msi-viking.com>

  2. Scott Gibson  <sgibson@msi-viking.com>

  3. Tin Comer      <tcomer@msi-viking.com>

  4. Rob Spillman <rspillman@msi-viking.com>

  5. Matt Haynes   <mhaynes@msi-viking.com>

  6. Eric Luzier      <eluzier@msi-viking.com>

  7. James Sinard <jsinard@msi-viking.com>

  8. Tim Slagle      <tslagle@msi-viking.com>

Here are a some photos of a few of the above technicians during their training. 

Starrett's floor standing HDV 500 Vision Systems, LF Series and the large 600, 750 & 800 series Optical Comparators should only be installed, calibrated and serviced by Starrett Factory  Service personnel, unless authorized in writing by Starrett.

If you are an Authorized  Starrett Distributor or associated calibration firm and would like to receive training on Starrett Vision and Optical systems to become an Authorized Service Provider;

contact Donn Silberman, Technical Services Manager, <dsilberman@Kinemetric.com>

Some of our Starrett Authorized Service Partners have been servicing Starrett Vision and Optical Systems for many years.  Their contributions to satisfying our customers' technical requirements are acknowledged by evaluating their capabilities and including them as Partners without going through additional training.