Refurbishment, or a factory rebuild, can make an older, worn-out metrology system like new so that it meets new-system specifications. Refurbishing is required if a metrology system can no longer be calibrated or aligned during normal on-site calibration and preventive maintenance. Refurbishment is often combined with a retrofit so that the rebuilt system runs the latest metrology software. Any software retrofit is accompanied by operator training, as for a new equipment installation

Many parts of a vision metrology system or optical comparator never wear out, such as the base, housing, and major machined parts. However, rails can lose their straightness and alignment with heavy use, and moving parts do wear out over time, such as lead screws, lead-screw couplings, and bearings. Subsystems subject to wear are the X-Y stage, camera height adjustment, and zoom optics. Fiber-optic ends and couplings can lose their transmissivity.

Refurbishment is done at Starrett and entails complete disassembly, cleaning and reassembly, with parts replacements where needed. Refurbishment includes complete factory realignment of stage rails so that these are perfectly straight, collimated (parallel), or orthogonal. All worn-out or defective parts are replaced. The entire system is cleaned, lubricated, fully inspected and calibrated like a new system. The result is the equivalent of a new system, thereby extending the life of the original investment.

Refurbishing an existing older system may be an economic alternative to purchasing a new system, so let us quote the refurbishment alternative.

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