Retrofits and Upgrades

A retrofit is an upgrade that improves operator productivity and extends the life of the original metrology system investment. A retrofit should be considered if the system runs older software or if additional capabilities are needed.

Many Starrett vision metrology systems or optical comparators in use are now over 10 years old and have never been upgraded. While such older systems may still be perfectly operational, the operator interface unit and the software that runs on it are under-powered by today’s standards. They do not have the many productivity features now available, such as a color touch-screen, advanced 2D or 3D geometrical tools, reporting tools, Wi-Fi, and networking.

The most common metrology systems to be upgraded are projection comparators with QC2000 or QC4000 software, which is now-obsolete and difficult or impossible to maintain. Replacements could be a QC321 color touch-screen digital readout, an M2 color-touch screen tablet PC, an M3E-VED touch-screen PC with optical edge and video edge detection, or a QC5215 Metrology PC with advanced software and a large 61 cm (24”) flat-screen monitor. If the comparator is to be retrofitted with video metrology capability, the upgrade of choice would be the M3E-VED touch-screen PC, which supports the OV2 Video Edge Adapter. If the comparator is to be retrofitted with CNC capability, the controller of choice would be the QC5215-CNC.

Retrofits are performed at the user site and assume that the system to be upgraded is in good working order. Retrofits are normally combined with calibration, with routine system maintenance such as cleaning and lubrication, and with operator training on the new software.

Starrett is prepared to retrofit all its own metrology systems as well as older metrology systems by RAM Optical Instrumentation (ROI). If you have an older metrology system, give us a call to discuss your options!

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